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What Sets Medical Center Ophthalmology Associates Apart?

What sets Medical Center Ophthalmology Associates Apart? Your eyes are important to every part of your life. So, when your vision or eye health is affected by disease, aging, injury or another condition, it can profoundly affect — and limit — your life. Whether you need cataract surgery, suffer with chronic dry eye, have an eye disease or simply want to see better, Medical Center Ophthalmology Associates (MCOA) can help. For over 35 years, we’ve earned the trust of patients and doctors, and a reputation for standard-setting care and commitment to your best vision. We offer comprehensive eyecare, the most advanced capabilities, board-certified expertise, vast experience, teamwork, and total dedication to your best possible outcomes and patient experience.

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If you have cataracts, they either are impairing your vision or they will soon. The only way to help you see clearly again like you remember, is to have cataract surgery. But cataract surgery is not all the same. Today’s leading-edge techniques offer greater precision, more flexibility, an easier patient experience and better surgical outcomes.

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Our board-certified ophthalmologists perform a full range of refractive surgeries and techniques. As a result, we can offer an alternative to glasses and contact lenses for a wide variety of patients, including those who may not be eligible for a particular approach

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Retinal Care

We use a wide array of advanced diagnostic tools and tests to understand your retina issue. With advanced methods and medicines, we can precisely repair retinal tears, manage disease progression, control abnormal vascular growth and much more.

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Great group of doctors and facilities. I have been utilizing this medical group for almost 30 years and have watched them grow into the smaller local communities during this time


I just came from MCOA in New Braunfels and all I can say that in the two times I have been there I experienced nothing but the best treatment from Dr. Evans and his staff. They are very nice and very professional. Thank you


I brought my mom to MCOA because she was diagnosed with Macular degeneration. The doctor and staff are friendly and helpful. They worked with her insurance and even helped us apply for a second insurance to help cover the 12 injections required to reverse the effects of the macular degeneration.


Dr. Bell at MCOA is amazing. He restored my sight after I suddenly became blind in my right eye. I now have 20/30 vision. He is thoughtful and listens. I usually have a lot of questions at my appointments. He takes the time to explain in easy to understand ways. He's an incredibly gifted doctor. I won't go to anyone else.

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