Dry Eyes

Winter Dry Eyes

The winter temperatures are here which means wind, dry indoor air, and blasting your heater can have an affect on your eyes. In fact, winter is one of the most common times a year people experience dry, itchy, and watery eyes.

Here are a few suggestions to help alleviate winter dry eye symptoms:

  1. See your doctor
    Your doctor can determine if the cause of your dry eye syndrome is a water deficiency or an oil deficiency. This will determine what treatment options are right for you.
  2. Monitor heat
    It is important to keep your eyes moisturized, when blasting the heat vents in your car/ humidifiers in your home be sure to point them away from your eyes.
  3. Take blink breaks
    It is important to remember to take breaks when working on computers or staring at your digital devices. It is reported that your blink rate diminishes by 50 percent or less when working on digital devices.
  4. Try omega-3 fatty acids
    Fish oil supplements help to improve the health of glands and the quality of the tear film. MCOA offers Hydroeye, a clinically tested and approved supplement for dry eye syndrome.

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